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Although Pokemon-related fan sprites, artwork, and images do not belong to their respective creators, unless they forfeit the Pokemon label or basis, we believe that art creators should be credited for their work.

This list is not entirely complete. If you have contributed sprites, artwork, or images to this website, contact [email protected] to have your name (and/or link) added.

If a user contributes artwork that does not belong to them, we do not have an easy way to find out. Contact the aforementioned email if you believe this has happened to you. Please do not do this in lieu of somebody else; you must be the sole creator of the artwork, and provide definitive proof of such.

Users who contribute artwork that they did not create will receive a permanent ban, unless written permission was given to that user and forwarded to the Webmaster.

We will not use artwork that artists label as not being publicly usable unless we receive permission. We will not respect this if the artwork is later made unusable by the author ("edited in"). User contributions are an implicit forfeiture of any rights to such artwork to this website.