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RPG Stats

Total Users -- Information
The amount of users who have registered within the RPG.
Online Trainers -- Information
How many people are currently playing the RPG.
User ID -- Information
Your User ID is a unique number. If there were 50,000 total users when you registered, your User ID would likely be 50,001 - 50,100. It depends, as users may have been deleted.
TPM Time -- Information
The current time upon the RPG. Eclipse Time is different from your time (well, usually).
Time Of Day -- Information
The time of day on the RPG... different things may happen at different times of the day.
Trainer Level -- Information
Your Trainer Level is increased when your Trainer EXP reaches the required amount to level up. This may be required for you to pass certain areas in Story Mode or other places. It also increases your Trainer Rank Points.
Trainer EXP -- Information
This increases your Trainer Level after you obtain the amount required.
Current Score -- Information
Your Trainer/Current Score goes up every time you obtain a Pokémon or item (unless your purchased it, traded it, etc.). This will help to improve your Trainer Rank.
Platinum Coins -- Information
The currency within the RPG. These can be used to purchase functions, Pokémon, items, etc.
Play Time -- Information
An estimate of how long you have been playing the RPG.
Total Logins -- Information
How many times you have logged into the RPG.
Accept Messages -- Information
Whether or not you accept private messages from other users.
Accept Trades -- Information
Whether or not you accept trades from other users.
RPG Stats
Info Name Value
(Info) Total Users: 995,537
(Info) Online Trainers: 785 [ View Online Trainers ]
(Info) TPM Time: December 03, 2020 (03:07 AM)
(Info) Time Of Day: Morning