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News: New Legendary Pokemon on God's Dream!

New Legendary Pokemon on God's Dream!
Eclipse Star: February 22 Edition

The latest edition of the Eclipse Star is here!
Check out the new Eclipse Star by clicking here!

February 18: Fox House Returns - Phase 3!

The trick-filled map Fox House has returned for Phase 3! Several new and returning Pokemon are featured in this rotation, which will last until at least February 28th.

The following wild Pokemon from the last rotation are now unobtainable: ShinyRetroVulpix, SilverHyperAbsol, LightHyperFennekin, PearlPurrloin, ShinyHyperScraggy, DarkHyperDeino, RainbowMorpeko, AstralHangryMorpeko, DarkHyperGastly, SilverSpectralMurkrow, RainbowDitto, and LegacyShootingStarMinior.

As usual, a big thanks to + Dio for organizing & conceptualizing this event map rotation, as well as donating for most of the new releases! Thanks also to Baphoomafoo and DoctorJellystonesGay for their work on the new sprites — remember that you can see who helped design a particular sprite by visiting the Amount Viewer or Art Credits!

February 14: Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! ♥ Confess and propose to your one true love by visiting me! ♥ How exciting! ♥

What, there's more?
An EXP boost is active for 48 hours to celebrate! ♥

This is just the first phase of the event — the second phase will start later this month, so keep an eye out! ♥

Cless: A special happy Valentine's Day to my girlfriend Baphoomafoo, I love you. ♥ To everybody else, sorry you had to see this, but not really.

February 13: New ??? DNAs!

A new selection of Pokemon can be restored from all classes of ??? DNAs! A big thanks to Baphoomafoo for preparing this update!

Tip: ??? DNAs are a mysterious type of Pokemon DNA found randomly while searching the Legendary Areas, battling, mining, or chatting on the cbox. They can also be earned from Daily Prize chests. Visit the DNA Center to restore DNAs — you require 3 DNAs of a particular type to restore a Pokemon back to life.


Be advised that certain classes of ??? DNAs will be capped at 5 once the next DNA rotation is released, meaning you will be able to hold at most 5 of each class of ??? DNA at a time (does not apply to cbox/daily prize DNAs). Once the next rotation is released in a few months, unrestored ??? DNAs beyond the limit of 5 will expire, giving an undetermined amount of currency as compensation.

Note that this change will only apply to DNAs obtained while clicking: maps, battles, and mines — cbox and daily prize DNAs will be unaffected.

In addition, be advised that the currency compensation will not necessarily match the actual underlying value of the DNA. In other words, it'll generally be more worth your while to restore your DNA or to sell it to another user, as opposed to allowing it to expire for the currency compensation, perhaps unless you have a goal that requires untradeable currency such as Moon Points.

These new mechanics may be temporary and are subject to change at any time. We will be reviewing the data and trends to determine the best balance going forward that will allow for continued new and exciting releases while maintaining viability in the long term. We greatly appreciate your understanding as we undergo these changes!

February 11: God's Dream Takeover!

Trainers are flocking to God's Dream as rumors swirl that the God of Creation Celebi has ordered several Legendary Pokemon to the area to partake in a sacred ritual! Now's a great chance to search God's Dream for these rare Legendary Pokemon and see what's going on!

Thanks to Shadez for organizing this update and donating to bring it to fruition! Thanks also to DoctorJellystonesGay and Baphoomafoo for the new artwork!

February 10

HyperGalaxyClobbopus is the special Pokemon on Moon Gaze Mountain for 2 weeks!

February 6: Winter Calendar!

The Daily Prize Winter Calendar has begun! Every day until February 26th, trainers can collect a new Present Chest containing many special and rare prizes!

(Tip: You can find the Winter Calendar below the main 28-day Calendar on the Daily Prize page.)

A big thanks to DoctorJellystonesGay, Mystera, Sigi, goncas, and Spintato for the new sprites! Remember that you can see who designed a particular sprite by visiting the Amount Viewer or the Art Credits page!
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Date Posted: February 11, 2021